June 03, 2017

hey. So, for today's blog post I'm doing my favourite beauty/perfume/fashion recent classics. I hope you enjoy, these are a few of my new favourite things! I would definitely, totally would 100% recommend all of these products. So, lets get onto it!

My first favourite is this mascara from Estee Lauder, this is the 'Sumptuous Extreme False Lash Mascara' this gives tons of volume and I honestly don't ALWAYS wear mascara, I tend to keep my eyelashes free of product. Actually, quick lil' tip, I have THE shortest, smallest, fewest eyelashes EVER! And for like 2-3 months I didn't wear mascara and put vaseline on my eyelashes and I'm not even joking, my eyelashes grew 3 times, anyways, that's beside the point about how good this mascara is. Ahaha, this mascara makes my lashes look longer, thicker, more volumious (is that the word?) probably not, onto the next fav.

Nars is definitely by far my favourite makeup brand, their products are definitely not cheap but they are definitely worth the money. I got this makeup palette from sephora and I payed in a different currency to pounds so it worked out cheaper to buy in the UK but you can buy this palette from John Lewis I think, its the perfect size and has the most beautiful blush shade, its great in summer cause its shimmery and gives you a pretty glow and I just love it. OK, onto the the bronzer, this works WONDERS! So, my lovely cousin Rosanna has a lot darker skin than me and this bronzer works for her and I have the palest skin EVER and this bronzer works for me too. So its universal. And its not orange toned, its just perfect!

I think I have mentioned this face mask before on my blog, probably. But I LOVE  a good face mask, this one is definitely up there in the top 3. It smells absolutely beautiful and I want it to be a perfume because I LOVE the smell of it. So, the only way I can describe this is, is when you use a bar soap and it makes you feel squeaky clean, well this is what this face mask feels like. The only down side is it expires in a month but ill admit I have used it after the expiry date, whoops! But altogether, a great, incredible, fantastic, fresh face mask!
please excuse how dodgy my nails look. ha ha, I painted them really quickly to take this picture. Even though, grey is an autumn/winter colour I love it all year round. This nail polish lasts for ages compared to any other nail polish I own. This actually came in a set with a beautiful burgundy shade and because they sold it at christmas time, the set is on sale in boots now for £4. So click the link in the top paragraph and get it now!
OK. I know, Jo Malone is very expensive and I'm sure there is an alternative that is a lot cheaper. But you can get a mini like this for half the price. My mum has a set with the bigger size and this size so I usually take this mini one and spray it. I can assure you, it is worth the splurge! This one makes me feel and smell like a very grown up posh person. Ha ha. It is a very "mum" perfume but when it comes to a night out, this is a recent staple!

I have a story about this, again, I purchased this in sephora, it is such a beautiful shade and I can't just keep spending £30+ on makeup, I'm nearly 14 and I obviously don't have a job so I had to spend my pocket money on this. Anyway, my mum and I looked absolutely everywhere to try and find a similar shade but for a more affordable price... nothing! So, I HAD to buy it! It is such a creamy consistency and it lasts ages and it feels like a lip balm. In the shade 'bound' and I've never seen a shade like it, beautiful!

I'll be perfectly honest, I don't love my fingers, you'd think being a pianist you have skinny fingers, nope... I have the opposite. I don't love my fingers but I do love the price of these rings. They are from H&M (my nan gets so mad when I say 'H' wrong so good job I'm spelling it not saying it.) I keep rambling today. These rings are gold with an accent of light pink but the thing is, they pretty much only fit my pinky :(

denim, denim, denim, I love denim. These jeans are so good for summer, they are really light weight and the rips make them airy and I'm describing this really weirdly. OK. I just love jeans in general. LOVE THEM!
If you made it to the end, wow! You're bæ. If you haven't already, it would make my day if you followed me. 

Have an incredible day,

Lot's of love,

Mads x

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